We are delighted that you are interested in using Popplet for your classroom or school!

Currently, we are only offering our unique educational subscription discount for schools called Popplet Groups. We trust our subscribers to only purchase these special accounts for school and classroom settings.

Our classroom subscriptions are priced according to the following discount structure:

The prices above are for each student for one year, and each account purchased is given unlimited popplets for each student account. Each account is created by the account administrator, the same account that purchases the group subscription will enter the email address and preferred password into the account administration page. If your students do not have email addresses, it is possible to create the accounts with a "faux" email address. For this special circumstance, we suggest using the student's name and popplet.net, for example "firstname.lastname@popplet.net". This is so our system knows the account is a student account that doesn't have a real email. In this case, the student's will not receive alerts related to their account such as password resets.

Thank you so much for considering Popplet as a tool in your classroom! If you have any additional questions about these sepcial accounts, contact us at support@popplet.com.

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